1902 - Formation

In 1902 Carl Hilzinger opened a tool business in Tuttlingen. In order to avoid confusion amongst the many Hilzingers in Tuttlingen at this time, he added the maiden name of his wife, born Thum, to the company name. Hence the name C.Hilzinger-Thum, under which the company operates today, as it did in those early days. The customer base in the beginning was to be found in and around Tuttlingen in the field of surgical and cutlery manufacture.
Carl Hilzinger learnt his trade as a cutler in the surgical industry and thus knew exactly what his initial customers required.

With his entrepreneurial flare and enthusiasm for innovation, he laid the foundation for the Hilzinger enterprise as one knows it today. Thus ensuring solid growth through four generations.

1909 - Gießstreet Tuttlingen

In 1909 manufacturing of grinding and polishing tools started in the Gießstraße.

1920 - Karl Fritz Hilzinger

Karl Fritz Hilzinger joined his father’s company as the second generation in 1920 and took over the management of the enterprise in 1948. In the “Fiftys” there was growing movement to automate surface finishing processes, which in turn led to the development of new, innovative grinding and polishing tools. Karl Fritz Hilzinger saw the “writing on the wall” and adjusted the course of the Hilzinger enterprise to take advantage of these changes.

1950 - Removal

The year 1950 saw the necessity to expand productional space. This enlargement resulted in the company moving premises to the Schützenstraße in Tuttlingen.

1953 - Joachim Hilzinger

Joachim Hilzinger joined the organisation in 1953, representing the start of the third generation and became Managing Director in 1972.
His “foresight” paved the way for the establishment of the foreign subsidiaries and agencies, which today play a major role in the “world-wide” success of the Hilzinger Group as a “Global Player” in the surface finishing arena.

1960 - New Building

The next expansion of the family enterprise took place in 1960. The “new” company address in the Siemensstraße remains today as the headquarters of the Hilzinger Group worldwide. In 1960 it was hard to imagine, that such an expansion would enable such positive growth of the Hilzinger group into the present day.

1969 - Location Talheim

This year saw the development of Talheim as a production site, thus increasing productional capacity and lightening the load for the main production in Tuttlingen. Today, we produce rubber rollers and spiral rollers in Talheim.

1977 - Rubber Rollers

In 1977 the foundation was laid for our new product range technical rubber rollers.
Today this product range accounts for 50 % of group turnover.

1997 - Holger Hilzinger

Holger Hilzinger joins the company, as the fourth generation of Hilzingers “at the helm”. Managing the company with his father, Joachim Hilzinger, as joint managing director as of 2001.
He will determine the future course of the Hilzinger group.

2000 - Company Clouth

In this “Millenium Year”, Clouth Gummiwalzen (Rubber Rollers) was acquired by C.Hilzinger-Thum. This acquisition moves us into a new league, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of technical rollers in Germany. 

2006 - Integration of WASAG Technical Brushes

WASAG was established in 1988. The production is equipped with the newest available technologies for brush making. The WASAG philosophy is to concentrate on key markets and supply products which are setting world standards.

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