Transfer Solutions

It is a difficult task, to handle delicate goods at great speed. WASAG-Transfer-Brushes are specially designed for these complex jobs. Whether it is about light-bulbs, metal sheets, electronic components, glass, painted parts, windows or whole machines, our engineers will create an ideal brush solution together with you.
Cleaning Solutions

Floor cleaning, electro-static removal of fine particles or cleaning printing rollers, most of these problems are solved with brushes. New high-tech brush components lead to an unmatched performance of brushes in this field. Even at high temperatures of 300°C, we have fully functional solutions.
For further cost savings, we produce brush bodies in house directly out of recycling material.
Sealling Solutions

Brushes as seals on doors and gates are a well established technology. Brushes as slowly wearing rotational seals, e.g. as seals on machine spindles, are new and cost effective high tech products. Sealing brushes have a long life and can level out great dimensional tolerance deviations. Great changes in temperature are no problem for brushes. An additional benefit is the self-cleaning effect of seal brushes. Natural bristles, synthetic filaments or metal wire bristles are suitable for sealing.

Our WASAG engineers are happy to be at your service
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