Grinding and polishing tools

Our tools are used for mechanical surface treatment by griding, deburring and polishing.

Grinding, Deburring, Polishing

Tools for deburring

  • Deburring Brushes
  • Radial Brushes
  • Tube Brushes
  • Plate Brushes
  • Abrasive Tips
Tools for griding:
  • Abrasive Flap Wheels
  • Non Woven Flap Wheels
  • Abrasive Strip Rings
  • Contact Wheels
  • Re-Covering of Contact Wheels
Tools for polishing:
  • Full Leave and Stitched Mops
  • Ventilated Cotton Buffs
  • Ventilated Sisal Buffs
  • Tampoco Brushes

CLOUTH - Rubber Rollers

Technical Rubber Rollers
Re-covering of used rubber rollers as well as new rubber rollers and new cores are manufactured and supplied by us into various industries, like the textile industry, paper industry, foil industry, steel industry and machine building.
  • Rubber rollers
  • Special Rubber Products
  • Wheels
  • Rollers
  • Polymers for roller covers

WASAG - Technical Brushes

Technical Brushes for industry and machine builders

Our business unit for technical brushes supplies industrial customers with sealing brushes, goods handling systems and cleaning brushes.
We produce round plate brushes, radial brushes, punched strip brushes, strip brushes on a continuous metal band as well as big brush tables.
  • Sealing Brushes
  • Cleaning Brushes
  • Strip Brushes
  • Material Handling Brushes
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